Red Mango Switches to Self Serve in Food Gallery 32

Red Mango Yogurt

Good news for Red Mango fans! The K-town outpost located inside Food Gallery 32 is now open for business. However, this Red Mango represents a complete shift from the traditional fro-yo format and pricing program, going the DIY/pay what it weighs route instead. Customers choose a cup size and pull their own fro-yo from an impressive line-up of flavors. They’ve kept their original formula on hand, but have added pomegranate, dulce de leche, black cherry, vanilla, melon, lemon, and pineapple flavors, and hinted at additional varieties coming soon.

Red Mango fixins bar

The toppings are now located at a self-serve fixings bar, which is good news for people (like myself) that yearn for an extra heavy sprinkle of mochi or strawberries, without having to fork over additional cash for an extra dose of toppings. Finally, proceed to the Red Mango checkout counter (which is separate from Food Gallery’s main registers) and pay $.49 per ounce of pro-biotic goodness.

my Red Mango

Not sure if they plan to roll this out at all the Red Mango locations, but the variety of yogurt flavors and the ability to freely express yourself with the toppings make this a winner in my book. Finally, the $.49/oz price is more than fair – my mochi and fruit loaded creation pictured above? About 3 bucks and change.


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    What, no froyo-bashing? Things have certainly changed around here since Zach left.

  • lol. i was thinking the same thing! although in Chris’ defense… my froyo feelings kind of changed when i got to L.A. and discovered Yogurtland. It’s basically the concept that Red Mango is copying with this new location. I was skeptical at first, but you can get a little yogurt with a ton of toppings for less than $2. It’s basically just an excuse to eat candy. So great.

  • Several months ago, I tried a similar type of self-serve fro-yo joint on St. Marks Pl. for $0.39/oz. (Not a recognizable brand, though — I think it was Yogurt Station.) The flavors was atrocious. Tasted extremely artificial and bubblegummy. Horrible.

    So this concept has already reached NYC, just not midtown until now, I guess. I bet Red Mango, as a well-respected brand, will be a lot better. Or at least I hope so. I will be very interested to try it, esp. if they have a green tea flavor.

  • I like Red Mango.

    I wouldn’t replace it over ice cream. I’d probably eat both. lol.

    It’s a healthy choice and with all those fresh fruits. Too bad no more green tea yogurt. I liked that. Their chocolate one is so-so.

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    Blatant copying of Yogurt Land which exists in 13 states (no NY, but lots in CA)!!!

  • Ha! Totally. I had some K-town Red Mango today, and was pleasantly surprised they switched to the CA-Yogurtland way. MUCH better. 49cents (Red Mango) vs 30cents (Yogurtland). I just looked it up.

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    Isn’t it odd to talk about Red Mango copying Yogurtland’s self-serve concept without pointing out that Yogurtland’s more general concept is actually a copy of Red Mango/Pinkberry?

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