Rock Center Jacques Torres Opening Tomorrow!

As I type this the finishing touches are being put on Rock Center’s brand new Jacques Torres!!! I made a quick stop by at lunch today and the place is looking great. Peeking in from the window I could see an espresso bar and a few tables for eating in.  And I’m pretty sure I spied Mr. Chocolate himself, doing some hands on lifting and set up. They are officially opening tomorrow and JT will be there from 10 until noon. So excited to see the Godiva space taken over by superior chocolate.  Dessert win for Rock Center! 


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    They are giving out free hot chocolate today and Jacques Torres is there.

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    You can choose between two types of hot chocolate: classic and “wicked,” which contained nutmeg and other spices (can’t recall the other ingredients). The classic was absolutely delicious.

    All of the products looked delicious — can’t wait to work my way through the items in the store (and gain a few pounds in the process!).

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