Flatiron Lunch: Our First Look at Grimaldi’s (Opening in The Limelight Next Week?)

Since Ultraclay is on vacation this week, he made me walk through a freakin’ blizzard was gracious enough to let me attend a Grimaldi’s press event for this week’s Flatiron lunch post (seriously, does that guy ever work?).

Grimaldi's Signage

There’s not much else to say about Grimaldi’s Pizzeria that hasn’t already been blogged, reported, or gushed about. Since it spun-off from Patsy’s pizza, it’s become a legendary establishment, and is oft cited as the model New York pie. But this level of exposure begets fanatical regulars, curious tourists, and ensuing long lines. Absurd lines are bad enough, but to be inconvenienced with a schlep to Brooklyn for pizza is enough to make someone want to stay in the city and eat questionable pho. But Flatiron Lunchers (and city dwellers) rejoice! The Grimaldi’s location in the Limelight Marketplace (6th Ave. btw. 20+21st) will be opening as early as next week (pending DOH approval). And in case you weren’t able to snag a slice of free pizza last week, here’s a preview of what to expect.

Grimaldi's Pizza

Unfortunately Limelight Marketplace management wouldn’t let us take photographs of the interior (Grubstreet got their hands on some photos), but according to the press release, it’ll be large enough to seat 50 diners. The menu has yet to be published, but a Limelight Marketplace employee informed me that a small plain pie (6 slices) will be priced at $14 and a large (8 slices) will be $16. Of course that will put you over the $10 lunch line, but it’s all the more reason to grab a co-worker, split a large pie, and perhaps indulge in a liquid lunch (beer & wine will be available).

Grimaldi's Pizza Crust

Since this was a preview, it’s unfair to assess the product. In truth, the only thing that I was looking for was an ideal char and chewiness in the crust, which is often indicative of the level of expertise of the pizzaiola and the quality of the oven. I’m happy to report that the leading indicators are fairly positive – the crust was compact, blistered, and charred for a satisfying crunch, yet pliant enough to fold without shattering. Unfortunately the cornicione was nearly flat, leaving me yearning for the final few bites of chewy, springy, yeasty crust that a good Neapolitan style pizza should strive for. However, given the 50+ years of experience under Grimaldi’s belt, I’m confident they’ll figure out the kinks soon enough. In the meantime, I’m getting excited to wait in line for pizza without a pilgrimage to Brooklyn.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Located Inside the Limelight Marketplace
656 6th Avenue at 20th St.
Phone: 212-359-5523

Monday thru Thursday from 11:30am – 11pm
Friday from 11:30am – 12am
Saturday from 12pm – 12am
Sunday from 12pm – 11pm


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