Today is $2 Burger Day at Schnipper’s

Just a friendly reminder… the big 2 year anniversary celebration at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen starts at 10am today (on 41st and 8th).  And if you can hold out until 2pm you can meet George Motz, and upgrade that $2 cheeseburger to a Hickory Bacon Blue.


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    Did anyone check this out today? I’m dying to find out how crazy it was.

  • I arrived at around 1:30 and it took about 5-10 min. to place my order and pay. It took another 10 min. for my food to be ready. The burgers were so tasty and juicy
    that I went back after work for seconds ( actually fourths at 2 burgers a shot). I OD’ed on burgers today and am still stuffed at 8PM. Good deal/ great burgers.

  • I got there at 1:45 and the line ran fast. I tried to order the Hickory Blue Burger for $2.00 but they said it had to be after 2pm so I waited on the side of the line for 7 minutes. It was worth the wait as I got one of the 20 free Hamburger America signed books. An excellent day at Schnippers. I love that place….

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