Gothamist Lunch Quadrants Columbus Circle

Gothamist has just launched a new column called “Lunch Quadrant” that sounds right up our alley. They’ll pick a subway stop, and then tell you four places to have lunch within walking distance… 2 cheap spots (one sit down, one take out) and 2 pricier spots (one sit down, one take out.)  The first installment centers around Columbus Circle, where they recommend the Lunch Box (take out cheap on 9th Ave.), AQ Kafe (sit down cheap on Broadway), Bouchon Bakery (take out pricey in the Time Warner Center), and Nougatine (sit down pricey inside Jean Georges.)  Hard to disagree with any of those…

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  • it might just be me, but every time I hear/see AQ Kafe, I think Al Qaeda Kafe and picture a bunch of bearded men inside with AKs sipping on coffee while plotting our destruction.

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