Wafels & Dinges Introduces a Sausage and Gravy Waffle

Wafels and Dinges Truck parked in the Treats Truck usual spot on 45th

Most of you had the day off from Midtown yesterday, but I was here and noticed on the ML Twitter Tracker that Wafels & Dinges was serving maple sausage ‘n gravy wafels “for connoisseur evaluation.” Say what? Sausage and gravy on waffles?! Clearly I needed to check this out.

The guys on board said that you could get the sausage and gravy on either the sweet and chewy liege waffle or the light and crispy Brussels waffle. I’ve had the Brussels waffle with savory toppings before, so I thought it would make a good base for the sausage and gravy.

Sausage and Gravy Waffle

This is unfortunately the only picture I have. I cropped it because, well, sausage and gravy doesn’t photograph so pretty. If you like sausage and gravy, this is a brilliant concoction. The sausage and gravy was flavorful–you definitely got a sense of the savory sausage and the sweet maple flavor (it seemed like there was a little syrup drizzled on it). And there were little bacon pieces in the sauce as well. If you’re not a sausage and gravy fan to begin with, I don’t think this will sway you (my sister-in-law said that it reminded her of a platter from Bob’s Big Boy, not in a good way). But, if you are a sausage and gravy fan, this is as delicious as you imagine it to be.

Rumor has it, this waffle might enter the regular rotation, if the feedback is positive.  Because of the rain the truck is taking the day off for maintenance but they should be back tomorrow.  As always, you can keep tabs on their happenings via twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker.


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