Indian “Newstand” Is Now Bombay Fast Food

Last week in the forums, there was talk of Khodiar aka Taj Delhi aka the Newstand chaat place having moved. I didn’t remember hearing anything about this and immediately became concerned, naturally. I head over to 6th ave btw. 37+38th to confirm that, indeed, the establishment is still there… with yet another new name. Midtown Lunch’ers, meet Bombay Fast Food.

The operation inside looked exactly the same to me (except for the new menus). Pizza in the front and two Indian food counters in the back – one dedicated to vegetarian items and chaat and the other to non-vegetarian dishes.

I got some aloo chole chaat just to make sure everything was still intact. And sure enough, it was still delicious and a great deal at $5, though the debate rages on about if it’s as good as it used to be (I think the quality has dipped slightly in the last few years, but not enough to detract from what a great lunch it is).

More important than issues of quality, how many name changes is this place going to go through?


  • The picture you posted of the interior looks like they did a lot of improvements since the last time I was there (last summer). When I went in they had all these wire mesh things all over the walls that retailers use to put hooks on for products. It was terrible. I mean, I still ordered, ate, and loved the chaat but I was little weirded out by the space.

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    I must be the only person who eats there, because it hasn’t been called Taj Delhi for a very long time.

  • I haven’t eaten there in a while. I do want some Papri Chaat!! They certainly aren’t the best chaat I’ll ever have but a good portion of decent eats.

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