Eat & Go Istanbul Now Open in Dag Hammarskjold

Eat & Go

Part of my weekly produce pick-up at the slightly out-of-bounds Dag Hammarskjold Plaza involved checking up on the little house on the 1st Avenue side. A former home to burgers and shakes, it changed hands in the fall with signage going up that promised a new place called  “Eat & Go Istanbul”. The last we’d seen of Eat & Go was in Bryant Park during the ’09 holidays, and I was a little excited to have a new place to try out in Midtown East. Obviously there are bonus points for the park location (spring will be here, one day.)

Sucuklu & Yengen

When I finally got the chance to pop inside, I was underwhelmed by the menu. Most of the columns involve normal American foods: Gyros, Tuna, Cobb Salad. I disregarded those sections of the menu and went for something I’d never heard of before, Sucuklu and Yengen. Sucuk/Sujuk is Turkish sausage that reminded me of salami or pepperoni, while yengen apparently means that it comes with cheese. I couldn’t figure out what kind of cheese this was, I was told Yengen, but it tasted similar to a provolone or gruyere. In essence I was eating the Turkish take on the prosciutto and mozzarella panini. For $5.75, the price seemed about average for what I was getting.

Pistachio Baklava

Dessert-wise, Eat & Go is serving some damn good baklava. At $1.50, you get a square of their fresh pistachio baklava, a sweet treat that’s hard to find good examples of. The phyllo was flaky, the filling super nutty, and it was all soaking in delicious honey syrup. This little square is just enough, anymore and it would get cloying within a few bites.

Eat & Go Istanbul, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza


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