At Lunch Now: Your First Look at the Juicy Wings Cart

Thanks to mother nature (and the fact that it’s Monday?) the newly open Juicy Wings Cart wasn’t a mad house today, but reading the first reports makes us think that might not last too long. From Lunch’er Matt:

Its right across the street from the OG and Sandwich Land Cart. WINGS! 4 flavors. “Tripple” X Fahrenheit is soaked in spicy naga chili and habenero. Texas Ranch is Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, Sweet Wasabi is a honey glazed horseradish, sriracha is self explanatory. I went with the tripple x farenheit.

Photo and report, after the jump…

When I ordered them Meru gave me the “they’re really hot” warning and I acknowledged by saying press on! They were spicy definitely, not the hottest I’ve had but definitely packed some heat. I’m not sure how they are prepared. I didn’t see a fryer on the cart but I could have missed it and these are indeed fried. I’m guessing they are fried ahead of time then grilled on the flat top and then coated in sauce. That works fine since these aren’t breaded. You also get a little packet of blue cheese and salad with celery. You can also add naan, or rice, or a larger salad for $1 more.

So how’d they taste? Well, they’re like middle eastern hot wings. They have the familiar spices we all love from Meru as well as a lot of heat. I would imagine getting the BBQ or sriracha wings would be a waste since they would offer no advantages over anywhere else but the Tripple’s and the Wasabi Rooster have Meru’s spin on it. I also tried to figure out why it was “tripple” and not triple and came across this company. Meru might be using some of their extracts to flavor the wings. Thats just a guess though and it was too damn cold to have a conversation with him about it! For $6 though this would not fill me up like his other dishes. It was fun to split an order with coworkers.

Lunch’er Cardamond also let us know he was a big fan of the honey wasabi wings (and sent in the photo above.) Our man Jeremiah is currently working his way through the menu, and a full report will be up later in the week!

Juicy Wings Cart, NW Corner of 46th and 6th


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