Taim, Tiropita and Steak N Egg Tacos

Good stuff on the ML Twitter Tracker this morning… Cupcake Stop is on 58th, Sweetery is on 52nd, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th and has launched a loyalty card program, Uncle Gussy’s is on 51st with tiropita, Eggstravaganza will have steak n egg tacos until 2:30pm, Comme Ci Comme Ca is on 56th, Taim Mobile is on 51st, and Rickshaw is on 50th.


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    Just want to say that I, a Taim lover, tried the Taim Mobile for the first time on Monday. I found the falafel platter to be way overpriced. There is just no way to justify $9.50 for the product. Maybe the sandwich is the way to go, but I’m not sure I’ll be back.

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    I also thought the platter was overpriced. I went the first day they were in midtown and thought the actual size of each falafel was tiny compared to just about all of the other vendors in the area. However, I enjoyed the taste of everything on the platter.

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    On a brighter note, the Steak n Egg tacos were excellent…. just steak, eggs, cilantro and hot sauce.

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