Sukhadia’s Gokul Is Moving to New Jersey

Sukhadia's Closed

Sad sad news in the forums this week… Sukhadia’s Gokul, the vegetarian Indian buffet that has been on 45th btw 5th+6th for years, has closed up shop and moved to Iselin, NJ. No word on why they’ve chosen to move their restaurant across the Hudson, but one can assume it’s financially prudent for them. I suppose our loss is Jersey’s gain: no more vegetarian Indian buffet, no more Indian sweets, no more odd Italian pizza place man out front. We’ll miss you S.G.


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    Sukhadia’s already had a location in Iselin, NJ, so technically this midtown branch is just closing. Not any less sad…

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    There’s no shortage of Indian restaurants in Iselin.

  • used to eat here every day for about a year. sucks that it’s leaving, but it wasn’t really what I’d consider a successful place.

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    Let me be the first to say good effing riddance to this piece of sh*t…

    The food is good but the only place where I might have gotten ruder service was Saravana Bhavan in Curry Hill. The servers are rude, get openly antagonistic when you request something that doesn’t conform to what they think their dish should be like (one of them yelled at me for asking paani puri paani with my bhel puri) and generally too expensive for the quality/quantity of the food you are getting.

    The only real surprise is that these @$$holes stayed open as long as they did… SOB’s…

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