Frites n’ Meats Under New Ownership, Promises to Improve

Frites n Meats TruckOne thing we didn’t realize when we posted our write-up of Frites N Meats earlier this month was that they were under new ownership as of October ‘10. Ali, who previously worked in the truck, and his two brothers have purchased full ownership from the famously cantankerous previous owner, Vadim Ponorovsky, and are now working on damage control – trying to repair the truck’s relationship with other vendors, and earn back goodwill from lunchers around the city. Apparently they’ve also taken the constructive feedback from the comments and forums to heart and are working to make the burgers juicier without compromising on the “natural taste and quality of the meat.” Everyone deserves a second chance, so if you pay them a visit let us know if they’re making good on their promises of improvement.


  • I hit frites and meats last Thursday for the first time after reading about someone else’s bad experience. I thought it was ok. The burger was a bit on the dry side, and the fries were cold not even 6 min later, but hey, it’s winter. The Wild Thang, the special of the week, was 8 or 8.50. I would not pay that price again. Not worth it. It’s not a bad product, but it’s not a good value and certainly, with all of the competition for good burgers, is not good enough to warrant being a repeat customer. Now shnitzel truck, which i also tried for the first time last week, was well worth it!

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    I only started going to this truck around late October/early November and I thought the owners seemed really nice. This explains everything.

    What’s so great about their burgers is that they’re fresh! And honestly, 7/8 dollar burgers is pretty normal in the city (I’m pretty sure I pay more for a meal from Five Guys than from here). Only setback for me would be that the entire burger, even the exterior part of the bun can be really greasy and the burger can be HUGE depending on how much stuff you put in it. Otherwise this is one of my favorite trucks.

  • Very good news. I didn’t give them a penny after that fiasco with Vadim. Good riddance. Looks like I’ll be back to the truck.

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