Get on Nat’l TV With the Schnitzel Truck

On the ML Twitter Tracker today… Steak Truck can’t take the cold (they’re staying in today) but Korilla will be on 55th, Eddie’s Pizza is on 46th, Cupcake Stop is on 58th, Uncle Gussy’s is on 51st with lentil soup, Rickshaw is on 50th, Sweetery is on 52nd, Wafels is on 46th, and Schnitzel & Things is in the Flatiron filming something for a National TV show.  (Get out and support!)


  • Gave the Schnitzel Truck another shot yesterday. Enjoyed the salads and sauces, but man, that Schnitzel is German for shoe leather.

  • Being on national TV is a good thing? You food bloggers … media whores, every last one

  • There are several new-school food trucks that are WAY more concerned with P.R. than with the quality of the food. Schnitzel Truck is definitely one of them. 3 strikes for me, the food is just simply bad.

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