Angelo’s Coal Oven is Slice Approved

If you don’t mind splurging for your pizza lunch (i.e. $15 for a small pie) you’ll want to check this one out…  Slice had some pretty great things to say about Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizza (on 57th btw. 6+7th), calling it “delicious eating” and the perfect place to take family from out of town who want to see the Midtown sights.


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    I have to go on record here and say that I am not a fan of Angelo’s. We’ve had pies delivered from the 2nd ave location many times over the years and recall that it was seldom good…back in the late 90s we had some great pies, which is why we kept the menu. It might be the style of pizza, but most of the times, it arrives charred which totally drowns out all flavor. I personally like to taste the bread, cheese and sauce — not just carbon and acrylamide.

    The person who places our order probably has to ask for the pizza to be lightly cooked. I should have though of this a long time ago. I’m going to write it on the menu now.

  • I think their pizza is decent but not anything I have to go out of my way to enjoy. I been to the east side location in the 50s once. The small pie with sausage was a nice lunch.

  • The place is pretty good, but you can’t get a slice. You need to go with friends or bring some home.

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