Get 15% off Fatty Crew Kiosk

Just got word that starting today the Fatty Crab/Fatty Cue kiosk at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market will give 15% off to anybody who works or lives in the area (within reason, subject to approval).  Just show proof of address, like your work ID or license, to receive the discount.


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    That is because nobody is buying their food. I was there this weekend and they are the only kiosk that had no customers.

    Many of the others had long lines.

    • yup. I was there 2 weekends ago and every food stand was busy and over about a 15-20 minute span, I didn’t see a single customer at the Fatty Cue stand.

  • They sell food? I walked by and all I saw was T-Shirts. I thought they sold food, but I didn’t see anything.

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    They sell one sandwich and one soup. Not much. BUT, the sandwich is really really good – a braised beef/cheese/jalapeno thing – it was detailed in a previous post with photos.

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