Dee Daa “Balanced Thai” Coming to 3rd Ave.

Dee Daa

As I was getting lunch on Friday, I noticed a unique bit of plywood on 44th between 3rd and Lexington announcing a new lunch spot: “Dee Daa, Balanced Thai To Go.” Since they say “Thai” I’m going to allowed myself to get excited, we don’t have much in the way of Thai food in Midtown East, and every little bit helps towards my tummy’s happiness-even if it sounds like some kind of weirdo “healthy” Thai. Supposedly it’s coming soon, but a quick check on the Google came up that it was actually scheduled to open way back in October, so we won’t know how soon “soon” is until it happens. Hopefully we should have ample time to ponder what exactly is “balanced Thai”.

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    After a very long wait it seems that they are finally opening tomorrow. They were giving out menus today and my hopes are high for a solid new Thai place!

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