Get 3 Free Tacos From Korilla via Tenka

If you’re willing to give it access to your Facebook account, and cell phone, there’s a new deal site on the scene.  It’s called Tenka and it works like this…  you give it access, it gives you free deals and coupons sent to your cell phone.  The only catch?  Getting the coupon doesn’t ensure you get the deal.  It only goes to a predetermined number of people who use the coupon first.  Sounds terrible, right?  Until we realized you could score 3 free tacos from the Korilla BBQ Truck- no money up front, no strings attached.   Not too many left though, so you’ll probably have to redeem the coupon today during lunch to score the deal (if it’s not gone already.)


  • What a TERRIBLE idea. “HEY HERE’S A COUPON FOR FREE STUFF!” *walks down to the truck* “Oh sorry, you can’t use that, you have to pay for it.”

    Yea, I’d never go back to that truck ever again.

  • But the smart coupon on your cell phone shows how much there’s left. You can’t also access the coupon once it runs out, so the situation you just described won’t ever happen.

    • Yeah, duh. Because you gave them unfettered access to market to you, steal, and sell your information.

      They are making out like bandits on this ‘deal’.

    • Thank god. But I’m still not giving a marketing company my cell phone number.

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        Thanks, Formz.

        We only require cell phone # for SMS based redemption of our deals. We do not sell this #s or send spammy messages. It’s ONLY used to provide our users with the ability to redeem the great deals on our site for those who don’t have a smartphone.


  • By the way, I work for Tenka and just wanted to also let you guys know that we have 9 more free deals going beside the Korilla BBQ deal. You can check out all the participating restaurants on here
    Thank you.

  • Here’s a better idea…I’ll pay for my tacos and keep my private info PRIVATE, thank you.

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    I don’t get all the fuss…no offense pigiron, because I get what you’re saying, but if you want to keep your private info private, you shouldn’t have a Facebook account in the first place.

    Facebook Connect is used to login everywhere from my Fantasy Football sites to HuffPo, and it’s not really that much worse than the old way of having to give the site all of your personal info directly, as you register with them. And yes, I trust these sites much more with my info than I do Facebook itself.

    It’s not a bad idea for a website – I’d rather get a free shot at getting free food than spend $5 on a Groupon for $10 in food. And of course Groupon (which also uses Facebook Connect) and the other sites are just as likely to sell our info as these guys, whether now or five years for now – plus, they have your credit card number since you’re paying for the deal.

  • What i don’t understand is this: if this were a Groupon-like deal, where you pay for the coupon, most people would be perfectly OK with giving their information out. But what assurance do you have that Groupon will not in the future alter their terms and conditions and sell your information, just like you’re accusing of Tenka?

  • The Tenka system is first mentioned on on December 10, 2010. Human decisions are removed from food truck patrony. Tenka begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug. Tenka fights back. It launches its missiles against food trucks in Portland.

    John Connor: Why attack Portland? Aren’t they our friends now?

    The Terminator: Because Skynet knows the Portland counter-attack will eliminate its enemies over here.

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