Taim Mobile to Attempt Midtown Today!

Falafel lovers rejoice… Taim Mobile is coming to our hood today. As of now they’re saying 47th btw. Park+Lex around 11:30am, but as you know things can change pretty quickly here in Midtown. Follow them on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to be sure. And if you want a look at what the truck will be selling, Andrea posted a first look on the Downtown site.


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    Just finished an excellent lunch, and only had a 10 minute wait at 12:15! The falafel sandwich is identical to their best-of-NYC (IMO) version at their bricks and mortar location. The lentil soup was a tad salty for my taste, but otherwise good. Only complaint (not their fault) is that the food gets cold real fast on a day like today and wasn’t piping hot by the time I got it back to my office. They say they will be there every Friday . . . and so will I.

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    I got there around 12 and I’m pretty sure I only waited 10 minutes also. I got the falafel sandwich and fries. I’ve never been to the restaurant but I must say the sandwich today was very tasty. The fries are good, not as crispy as I would like but the safron aioli makes up for it. I’ll be back next Friday.

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