Oren’s Opens Flagship in Times Sq, Joe Launches “Kart”


Got a bunch of coffee news for those of you looking for a morning pick me up… Oren’s has expanded to Times Square! They recently opened a new store on Broadway (between 40th+41st) which they’re calling their “flagship” (whatever that means!) Whatever it’s called I bet anyone cash money that they’ll be running out of frozen yogurt come summer-time.

But that’s not the only coffee news, Joe the Art of Coffee in Grand Central is trying to help out their extreme line situation with a coffee cart!

Joe Kart

Ever since they opened in June 2009, my morning coffee is strictly Joe’s, I can’t cheat on them. I even know what kind of line to expect at what time.  For example, something happens between 9:01 and 9:07 that causes it to double in size. And yesterday, I was expecting that line until I noticed that Joe has decided to place a coffee cart outside the store during the morning rush. The “Joe Kart” is located closer to Lexington Avenue, on the other side of the Grand Central Market door, and it’s self-serve for regular coffee only. They also have a selection of the morning pastries for purchase.  If you wish to get an espresso-based drink or tea, you’ll still need to head to the main store- but those of us willing to settle for the basics will be getting to work much faster.


  • My company just moved to this building. I stopped in there yesterday and noted a selection of Donut Plant donuts! This could be bad for me…

  • I like Joe’s. I usually have their cappucino after work a few times a week.

    It’s been too long since I had their Ethiopian blend. Their house blend is average so I don’t order it unless I’m looking for the regular coffee kick.

    I don’t go for morning coffee but have walked by the morning rush. Lines are heavy in the afternoon too.

  • oh YAY!!! Oren’s is my JAM! And this new location is even closer to me! No more hoofing it to Grand Central when I need a pound of coffee! Happy Day!

  • I got coffee from here this morning and was pretty impressed. The coffee was strong without being overly bitter (a la Starbucks). It’s nice to have an option other than Starbucks or the coffee carts.

  • Tried the coffee the other day and it was terrific.

    Besides Joe in Grand Central, I now have a new midtown favorite.

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