What Passes For a Chowhound These Days?

We’re certainly aware that the way we grossly stuff our faces on a daily basis our taste in lunch is not for everybody, but I was kind of surprised to see this kind of language on Chowhound. Isn’t dysentery precisely what you’re looking to get when you mine for places on Chowhound? Oh, and by the way… don’t knock the fake shrimp until you try them!  Soooo good.


  • 1) Who goes from one board to another to bitch about the previous board?
    2) If you’re so afraid of eating street meet why the hell are you reading midtownlunch in the first place? Afraid of dysentery? I bet that person uses hand sanitizer after touching every doorknob.
    3) Lets criticize food trucks and their food safety record and then admit that I don’t have an experience with them.

    Good god my brain hurts. Why did you have to bring this to our attention?!

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    Chowhound is huge and seems to have all kinds of users. There may be tons of annoying “foodies” but there’s some valuable stuff buried in the 94590458034 threads that they have.

  • Hard to pinpoint what is the most heinous about chowhound…

    - self-righteous hipster founder? check
    - idiotic, yet arrogant, user base? check
    - hypocritical about taking advertising? check
    - angry, militant administrators? check
    - deletion of user postings to rival the holocaust? check
    - annoying GUI? check
    - ultra-low percentage of useful content? check
    - utter fail of a business model? check
    - sell-out by founder who acts like a martyr? check

    likely the worst food site since the dawn of the internet

    • I guess the endless CH name-dropping and one-upmanship would fall under “idiotic, yet arrogant, user base”

    • heh, the CH posters tend to be super OCD/neurotic. Ask a question like, “what’s a good Japanese restaurant in Midtown” and you’ll either get:

      1. The CH link nazi, who obsessively links every single related topic instead of answering your question
      2. The obsessive shill, who constantly posts about the same restaurant over and over. “Why eat Japanese? Go to EMP/Degustation/etc!!!”
      3. The truly bad lead – “Good Japanese? Go to Benihana!”
      4. The CH board mod nazi – “You did not structure this post to our exacting golden standards, therefore it has been removed”

  • I don’t even want to get into it. But the original commenter wrote this:

    “I tend to order from the same three or four places, though today i did stray out of the norm and go to le bernardin for lunch.”

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