What Do Cabbies Know About Mexican Food?

Our good friend Layne Mosler (aka “The Taxi Gourmet”) hit up the Burrito Box on 9th Ave. btw 57+58th after a cab driver told her they had the best salsa in New York City. She liked the steak and salsa, but was pretty disappointed in the rice, guacamole, and tortilla (which buckled under the weight of the monster burrito.)


  • Does anyone know where to find a great burrito in Midtown (or anywhere in NYC)? My favorite place in Spanish Harlem closed…

    • Good luck with that. The only one in Manhattan that I ever had that was even remotely decent was at Dos Toros in Union Square

      • Yeah, Dos Toros is good. Wonder if there’s something else out there that’s even better. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find it.

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