ML Forums: L.M. Replacement; Bon Chon Deal

  • Looking for Little Morocco replacement [Midtown Eating]
  • Roll N Go is now open, and they have a $5 falafel [Midtown Eating]
  • A 2nd November ML meetup happy hour is being planned [Connections]
  • Which would you prefer… Chipotle or WAMU? [Midtown Eating]
  • If you dream about food carts you might read this site too much [Misc.]
  • Get 5 lunches for $37.50 at Bon Chon on 38th [Midtown Eating]


  • Little Morocco link is wrong. Is that cart that different now with the different staff? I did like that dude who used to work there.

    • He moved northeast somewhere. Use the search function for most up-to-date info on the matter.

      • Yeah, I’d read that, but I’m much closer to the original cart and I’m wondering if it is a poor man’s version of the original or is totally different now.

      • Goats might chime in, but I’m pretty sure the guy that used to run it had his completely own spin to the cart and now that he left the new peeps have changed sauces and marinades.

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