Today is Free Taco Day!

Just a friendly reminder… everybody who shows up at La Biblioteca today from 11:30 am to 12:30pm will receive a free order of 3 tacos. Can’t make it there on time?  Everybody who gets there after 12:30pm will get a free order of guacamole instead.


  • Just ate the tacos. Line was fairly long but moved very quickly, as the restaurant was well prepared for the mob.

    While the tacos are small, they are fresh and delicious. We got chicken, mahi mahi and steak. Each one had different flavors — it wasn’t the same taco with a different protein. The 3 salsas were also tasty — a very spicy vinegary orange salsa, a rich and smoky salsa roja, and I believe a lime/cilantro/garlic blend.

    All in all it was a great treat, but I’ll probably be hungry by 3:00.

  • The fish taco was the best one IMO. It had a lot going for it, grilled fish, cabbage, cilantro, tomatos. The chicken was the second best as it was moist. I was disappointed with the beef, it was dry (which isn’t hard to do considering the size of the chunks of meet). But they were still pretty good.

    I also took a shot of their house tequila. $5, and VERY good!

  • I’m amazed that of the hundreds of people who waited for free tacos today, only 2 people posted any feedback.

  • Maybe they choked on their tacos.

  • maybe they had too many shots of tequila.

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    I came in toward the end, so I don’t know if it makes a difference. I thought the Mahi Mahi taco was great, the chicken taco incredibly bland and the beef taco a bit dry but Ok. I had the very spicy salsa and sour cream in my bag, while my coworker received the cilantro and the smoked salsas. We utilized a mix of them. I wouldn’t say they are worth $10. Maybe $5, but I am a cheepo.

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