Could You Eat Street Meat Every Day for a Month?

I wish I had co-workers like this when I worked on 48th and 6th! This guy’s buddy is two weeks into a challenge to eat street meat every single day for a month, paid for by a co-worker. Not sure what happens if he doesn’t make it, although it doesn’t sound like we’re going to find out. So far the guy has eaten mostly chicken and lamb over rice and dirty water dogs, with one stop at the Jamaican Dutchy. The only stipulation: he can’t eat chicken kebabs “because those are kind of legit.” Who knew?! (Thanks to Lunch’er Michael for passing this one along.)


  • I’ve been to Carnegie John for 4 days in a row, maybe 5, can’t remember.

  • That link to the blog post is the most honest street meat summary I’ve seen in a long time…. no whitewashing of the stuff, which seems to be happening more & more over here at ML.

    In other news, the dude is gonna die

  • That is an awesome challenge—and one I’d NEVER partake in. That is nasty. I love Street Meat–but not 30 days in a row, followed by 30 more of McDonalds.

  • I would probably faint… or throw up after a week or never want to eat again… hmmmm looks like a plan if I wanna become “skinny”ChineseGirl!

  • Definitely too much harm to your health. Never worth gonna be worth it. Even if well compensated, your body would make you pay back every penny.

    Street Meats is a once in a while item now. I don’t want to stay a fatty.

    • It wouldn’t harm your health as long as you know the fundamentals on how to get your ass off the couch and go to the gym.

  • Could I do this? Yeah, I think so. Would I? If it were free, yeah, probably.

  • This is only lunch. Basically I can eat what I want for bfast and dinner? Piece of cake. I can do this and I never eat street meat

  • But Wslee==the question is would you do it? Not could you do it….

  • Wait, the kebabs are ‘kind of legit’? They’re one step up from dirty water dogs! One dirty water dog was one too many for my lifetime-I’m terrified of those things to the core.

    • Kebabs are better than hot dogs. All those delicious preservatives, chemicals and carcinogens in the dirty water dogs. Chicken kebabs is fine if not too charred and if they’re really chicken meat and not pigeon…

  • with the deliciousness of fahima bros cart (next to kwik on SW-45th/6th), it would be easy to do everyday, especially with variations in rice/meat/sauces etc, and then you can throw in the rafiqi’s streetmeat for variety (because it is different enough that it doesnt feel like your having the same meal everyday) I’ve had fahima 5 days in a row, I would definitely step up to this challenge, even if only the food is paid for. Did anyone else take it to heart the way they talk about our beloved “monkey meat” ? If it was grade F there wouldn’t be a hundred carts in the city profiting from its sales…
    I <3 chicken/lamb over rice forever!

    • It’s not the cleanliness of the cart food that’s in question, but the nutritional value.

      • I like street meats but can’t bring myself to eat it too much anymore. I’ve done weekly binges, eaten it 3-4 times during the week for lunch/ dinner, and it ain’t pretty.

        Plus being fat is no good. Especially not worht it knowing I have to double-to-even triple the gym time to burn all that crap out my system. It’s a lot of work and sweat. Plus who knows what dangerous implications it already has on my health in the future. I do want to live to see 40-50-60. lol.

      • Like Carnegie John, its 5 or 6 pieces of pork kebab, the rest is rice and salad. The 53rd Halal is where it gets crazy. Its like a half pound of salted meat!

    • If you love it that much, you can do it for a month and not get paid/ not even lunch monay. Hehe.

      We’ll be cheering you on, bullit!! Fight back that cholesterol.

  • 30 days in a row? He’s in for some serous gastrointestinal distress. This is just disgusting.

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    The 30 days, most likely means a month of working days, M-F. At least that is my understanding.

  • Blondie makes a good point—perhaps we SHOULD have a dirty water dog eating contest at the next HH.

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