Happy Veterans Day!

On the ML Twitter Tracker today.. Joyride will be on 52nd with Prospect Hills Orchard cider donuts and free coffee for Vets, Uncle Gussy’s is on 51st with lamb chops, Schnitzel Truck will be on 53rd with free samples, EddiesPizza has moved to 52nd today they’ll have eggplant ricotta pies, and Waffle truck will be on 46th, get a free dinges today if you mention the City of Ypres in honor of Veteran’s Day.


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    Don’t go to the Schnitzel Truck per their tweet – Do not come to the truck. We are not open. Someone put a suspicious package next to truck. Police have been called

  • They tweeted that they are back in action, crisis over.

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    Yes, just got my freebie. Yea!

  • got my Schnitzel freebie! It was really delish! The sample is fairly large too. Boy that potato salad was amazing…I gotta order from them someday. I guess the free marketing did the trick.

  • oh, and I walked over the wafels and dinges truck too and inquired about their freebie. It isn’t really a freebie though, it is a free upgrade. If you buy their small waffle for $5, you get 1 free topping (a dinge) automatically, and mention “city of ypres” to get a second free topping. But seriously, anyone who pays $5 for a small waffle that I can make for 10 cents in about 10 minutes…seriously has too much money on their hands.

    • The post says free Dinges (fans know it’s a topping), not a free waffle. And it’s belgian waffles and I’m sure an Eggo is not the same dealie. Not to say I indulge in Wafels because I don’t, have eaten it in the past though and they put out a quality product.

      • yeah, what he said. doesn’t this part of the thread belong in “my money saving lunch idea?”

      • I am not a fan obviously, so I didn’t know WTF a Dinge was.

        And I can make homemade waffles for 10 cents each, but thanks for your contribution anyway!

      • niu yorker….
        ummm..no. This discussion belongs in the thread with related content. Mamacita reported free dinges in the OP and I was merely explaining WTF a free dinge is.

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