The Extra 3oz of Beef at Bill’s Bar & Burger Make All the Difference in the World

Bills Bar and Burger

What significance does 3 ounces have? Aside from the threshold of liquid & gel carry-ons that the TSA enforces flyers to adhere to, or perhaps a double shot of tequila chugged on a dare, 3 ounces is the difference in size between Bill’s Bar & Burger’s ‘Classic’ burger and their ‘Original’. And it makes all the difference in the world.

I’ve paid several visits to BB&B (on 50th btw. 5+6th) after Jeremiah’s initial assessment, and like Jeremiah, I opted for the thriftier 5oz ‘Classic’ ($6.95), which only drew a lukewarm reaction. On a recent visit curiosity and hunger got the better of me and I coughed up the extra $2 to upgrade to Bill’s ‘Original’ 8oz burger ($8.95), and an extra fifty cents for a topping of caramelized onions. This simple act of gluttony, it turns out, was the right decision.

Bills Bar and Burger Original

The added bulk of the larger burger patty does a better job of retaining the juiciness, meatiness, and flavor that Pat LaFrieda’s blend is rightly famous for. And while Mr. LaFrieda has not attended my wedding (not that I’m married anyway), I laud the quality of his product, which is expertly grilled and slipped between a squishy sesame and poppy seed studded bun. Despite the heft of the burger, it’s surprisingly delicate in texture, and assertively meaty in taste.

Bills Bar and Burger Original

This isn’t a burger that one can attack with giddy, sloppy abandon. Halfway through the burger, the unrelenting juiciness drove my co-workers and I to the knife and fork route. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Bills Bar and Burger Disco Fries

In keeping with BB&B’s blue collar comfort food theme, there’s disco fries ($4.50) to be had on the menu. It’s incredibly hard to improve upon french fries smothered with brown gravy and cheese sauce, and perhaps the only thing that could have lifted this dish would have been a cold beer on the side. In any case, a good deal more than 3 ounces of beer couldn’t hurt.

Bill’s Bar & Burger Enters the Crowded Midtown Burger Scene


  • great pic of the burger innards!

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    Be still my beating heart. Literally. Gotta get me some of that Lipitor, then head over to Bill’s.

  • Mine’s bigger than that

    10 oz burger at 5-Napkin … superb

    • My co-workers and I actually had a lengthy discussion about BB&B vs 5 Napkin during lunch. One guy, a 5 Napkin devotee, agreed that the meat here is much ‘lighter’ and cleaner tasting than 5 Napkin. To me, 5 Napkin is always greasy and heavy, while this burger was juicy without being cloyingly greasy.

      I love food debates. :)

      • Burgers you know young grasshopper but BUN at 5 Napkin the problem is

        Secret: get the inside out burger (no bun) at 5-N, with cheese & onions. Filling, not as heavy, you can finish all the excellent fries and have room for a B&W shake.

      • Hmm, is that like a Doubledown w/burgers? I don’t think my cardiologist would be too happy with me if I did that.

      • It’s wrapped in lettuce & tomato

        Think: In & Out Flying Dutchman

      • Oops, I meant 5 Guys, not 5 Napkin in my original reply.

  • Plenty of places that will serve close to 8oz or more. Not sure Bill’s is worth but will try if ever nearby for dinner.

    I like Jackson Hole’s for any late-night work dinner.

    • Last visit to Jackson Hole they “steamed” their burger by putting a dish over it while on the grill, guaranteeing an overcooked mealy mess that sucked pachyderm penis.

    • If you like Jackson Hole, you lose all right to ever comment on another burger place. That loose meat pile of crap shouldn’t even be called a burger.

      • Well, this ML and not your site SO I’ll comment all I want!!!
        Besides, if you knew me, my fav. is still Shake Shack.

        Jackson Hole isn’t that bad. I like it for what it is – unhealthy, greasey junk food of a large burger. Better than Mickey D’s. 5 Napkin is obviously better. Even 5 Guys. And for price, I’d say Blarney Stone too.

        Clearly I’m not as picky to be a burger aficionado. Oh well. Never said I was.

      • ESNY gets props – Jackson Hole blows so badly I would not even eat it for free. It’s not even a good “retro” burger … or a good”salisbury steak”.

        It’s a disgusting grey mass of dessicated flesh…nothing more

      • This sleepless zombie want BURGERS!! *tear apart flesh*

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  • What is that first picture of? Plastic burgers? I want it! Also, does it crowded during lunch now?

  • Had Bill’s a couple weeks ago. Came away disappointed. The burger just didn’t have any big flavor. The meat and the bun didn’t even out or anything. Toppings? Whatever….anybody can do toppings. It’s about the meat!

    If you’re in Midtown you might as well just go to Shake Shack or Five Guys—-both are WAY better in the most important, FLAVOR category.

  • I work smack dab in between Shake Shack, Schnippers, Burgers & Cupcakes and Five Guys. A veritable burger bounty. Having been to each place many, many times, I have to say that Five Guys is my favorite. Schnippers is best for its non-burgers (Mac & Joe and chicken fingers). Shake Shack is good, but I’d prefer a FG burger with a SS concrete. Thats the best combo. Burgers and Cupcakes used to be special, but now, not so much.

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