Cer Te’s Chicken Riggies Now Available as Sandwich or Pasta


Upstate is filled with some wonderful regional food finds that never seems to make it Downstate despite a large Upstate contingent. One example of this is the Garbage Plate-everyone wants it, no one makes it. Another is “Chicken Riggies.” I don’t remember having any prior knowledge of the Utica-Rome specialty of ‘riggies’ until Certe (55th btw. 5th+6th) debuted the the Chicken Riggie sandwich two weeks ago. I now understand why I need to make more of an effort to explore the Upstate.

Chicken Riggies

A proper Chicken Riggies is actually an entree consisting of hot peppers, chicken, rigatoni in a pink cream sauce, and it’s now available at Cer Te for $9.95 on Wednesdays… but I knew the sandwich had pancetta, so I went there.  And it was pretty awesome. The peppers were sweet, the pancetta was crispy, the macaroni tender, and the chicken juicy. The bread soaks up the sauce which thankfully isn’t slathered on, though after a few bites the sandwich gets a bit messy. Altogether the sandwich delivers, as most Certe sandwiches do, leaving you filled with a bit of a food coma afterwards. The sandwich is available every day this week as an off the menu special (courtesy of InBundles), but if you’re looking some straight up chicken riggies action it’s worth noting today is in fact Wednesday…

Cer Te Intros Chicken Riggies Sandwich


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