Istanbul Kebab House Is Now Open

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a kebab place was opening just out of bounds on the Westside, but now it’s official! Commenter “Copyboy” writes in his first impression:

It’s a little out of bounds but the only gyro stack in the area that I’m aware of has just arrived at 9th ave. near 48th St., a couple doors down from Bai Cha. The place actually has two stacks – one chicken, one lamb – and they are are obviously chunks of meat, not ground-up mystery meat splamb. When I arrived at 2 pm the chef told me with regret that they’d just run out of bread. He offered to make a gyro wrap, but the thought filled me with dread. A gyro platter ($8.50) at lunch would put me to sleep, so I’ll investigate further another day. The gyro sandwich is priced at $5.99 and there’s a full range of typical Turkish meat dishes and salads. The place is clean and looks great. The menu describes gyro thus: “Layers of marinated ground meat, wrapped around the large vertical split and grilled in front on an ingenious herd of charcoal fire.” It’s actually NOT ground meat, but I have no doubt it is an ingenious herd.

No ground up mystery meat? Well that’s no fun! I’ll indeed have to check this out!

Istanbul Kebab House, 712 9th Ave (btw 48+49th)


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