2nd Best Croissant in NYC is in Midtown

Photo by Robyn Lee

Serious Eats: New York unveiled their massive croissant-a-palooza today, and the winner is… Ceci Cela on Spring Street.  Too far for us, but thankfully the 2nd place croissant is a bit closer to home: Petrossian (on 7th Ave. and 58th Street).  Financier, and Bouchon Bakery were also included.  Check out the complete list here>>


  • I am NOT a big fan of “Serious Eats”, and indeed, I would have to wonder why Midtown Lunch leans upon that (whatever) at times.

    HOWEVER, I AM a big fan of Croissants. And I must tell you that there are NO croissants available here in Maryland that can compare with those in New Yawk City.

    My wife and I have enjoyed the orgasmic croissants from Ceci Cela on Spring Street twice.

    We were blown away. Unfortunately, when we attempt to bring the wonderful delights back to Maryland, they simply do NOT taste the same after the ride.

    SOOoo, I suppose we must fill our delicate gullets with those delightful delights while temporarily sequestered in the “City.”

    Carrion, please.

  • why do you come here?

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    There is a cafe on 3rd Ave bwt 20 & 21 St carries Ceci Cela croissants.

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    I think Street Sweets has the absolute best croissants, bar none!

  • I tried the Petrossian croissant. It was damn good. Buttery and flaky. I’d love to try the Ceci Cela croissant.

    I highly recommend it.

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