$25 And Under Ramen

Today’s New York Times has a review of both Hide Chan and Totto Ramen.  The writer wasn’t as excited about either as us or Serious Eats (“Neither spot has nearly the brilliance of Ippudo… or the breadth of other Midtown ramen shops like Menchanko-Tei”) but she did have good things to say about Totto’s chicken paitan and Hide Chan’s black ramen.


  • They are wrong. The best ramen at Hide Chan is Hakata spicy ramen. I did a tasting test with 3 people and we all agreed that their best tasting ramen is Hakata spicy ramen. But we also all agreed that the best ramen in midtown is Men kui te. Men kui tei also has the best gyoza too.

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    Yo, Hide Chan ramen would’ve gotten more love if they went before FattyBrothGate.

  • they stopped letting you choose broth fattiness some time ago :(

  • That’s the end of this place for a while. Today at 12:15, the line was down the stairs and out onto the street. CRAP!

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