Grill Em All’s Victory Lap Will Go Through Duke’s

Grill Em All TruckGrill Em All, the Los Angeles based burger truck who won the Great Food Truck Race, is returning to New York city next week for a whirlwind tour.  They’ll be popping up all over serving their signature burgers and truffle fries.  The schedule was released yesterday and there’s one Midtown stop being planned during lunch…  next Friday (October 22nd) they’ll be at Duke’s (on 37th and 3rd Ave) from Noon to 2pm.  Super curious to check it out?  You can make reservations in advance on Open Table.


  • Boo to them. Nom Nom Truck should have won the Great Food Truck Race.

  • It got annoying to see them win week after week. Of course, nothing against them for having a superior product and/or marketing plan for each city they went to, but I’m kind of glad Grill ‘em all won if only it made for a more exciting final episode for the season.

  • Nom Nom truck…PLEASE! I was SOOOO HAPPY when Grill em All finally took them down!!!!! Those nom nom’ers were as annoying as those ragin’ cajun people and those crepe losers! I wanted to strangle the Nom Nom chick! Spencer on the Go was by far the most interesting truck with what appeared to be the best food, hands down….and of course they were the superior chefs. I wanted them to win it all, but Grill EM All was my close 2nd choice.

    • I would have been content if Spencer and Nom Nom were in the final, and Spencer won. I liked the crepe truck, though as the Spencer chef pointed out, the crepes were “not French.”

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    Even if you didn’t like Nom Nom and were happy to see them lose, you have to admit that it’s a bit silly to think of Grill Em All as the “winner” after getting absolutely slaughtered by Nom Nom every week except the last.

    Also regarding the finale: Didn’t it give the impression that any fool with a food truck could make a killing in Manhattan? The whole season these trucks were desperately looking for customers, but once they were in Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan, they started selling at warp speed.

  • I don’t think it was silly Grill em All won. I think it was about time. I half question whether/if Nom Nom cheated, especially the week grill em all won that challenge and got to go to the concert or whatever that huge event was where the other trucks got shut out. The fact grill em all didn’t win that week makes me wonder what the fuck nom nom was doing to beat them and win every week. It didn’t make any sense. Some people I’ve talked to think Nom Nom sold well b/c of the chick. I mean, she was nothing spectacular to me—certainly not hot enough to warrant spanking every team every week! Something about nom nom was VERY off to me. I was and am relieved to know they didn’t win.

  • When Grill ‘Em All won the beef challenge, and Tyler pointed out they didn’t wind up first or even 2nd, the GEA chefs pointed out themselves that they couldn’t generate any business. But instead of recognizing the incompetence of GEA, you accuse Nom Nom of cheating? I don’t think so.

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