Rock Center Concourse Dunkin Makes the Grade?!


While Midtown Lunch generally isn’t pro-chain, as a Rock Center denizen who’s pulled more than an occasional late night at the office, I’ll admit that I’m appreciative of the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts right down stairs by the subway entrance. Let’s be honest though, this DD is an open storefront just a quick flight of stairs away from the (rat infested) subway tracks. Nevertheless they managed to pull an A from the DOH. Nice work guys.


  • Ewww, mutant ratises…

    The advantage of fast food places like DD is they don’t have very much inventory, they get deliveries and put them out, etc. Everything is boxed and labeled by the corporate approved suppliers.

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of As going around. Whatever. Nothing special anymore.

    • There are a surprising amount of As. I’m guessing everyone who got an A is posting and everyone else is trying to get a better inspection. Still, given the proximity to the tracks, this one kind of impressed me.

      • Oh great. Now I have to worry abotu rat poison in my DD. :P

        Luckily I don’t frequent that one.

  • Apparently, it’s not just restaurants. My company cafeteria (open only to employees) also got an “A”.

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