Wafels & Dinges Brings It with Their S’mores Waffle


Everything’s coming up Wafels & Dinges this week. First the news that they are expanding to a new permanent vending spot in Central Park just over the ML boundary. Then the news that they tied for the #1 slot in the new Zagat cart ratings. I decided to pay them a visit and lo and behold their special of the week, the S’mores Waffle, had my name all over it. How could I resist?

S'more Waffle

Here’s the deal, you get your choice of waffle topped with Belgian chocolate, marshmallows and spekuloos (a traditional Belgian spread that tastes like gingerbread-cinnamon cookies). The guys on the truck suggested the chewy, sugar crystal infused Liege waffle and that’s what I went with. The ooey, gooey spekuloos tasted a bit like ground up Cinnamon Teddy Grahams which is a delicious, delicious thing in my book. Like all WMDs (waffles of mass deliciousness aka waffles with unlimited dinges) this special will run you $7. A bit steep in my book, but ok for a once in awhile treat. And if you follow W&D on twitter or via the ML twitter tracker, you can usually get a secret password for a free dinge. Since your first dinge is free, if you have the code you can get a two dinged waffle for the base waffle price

For those who need some s’mores waffle action in their life, W&D should be in their regular spot on 46th btw 5th and 6th, but as with any vendor, double check via the ML twitter tracker before you go.


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