Kelvin Slush Isn’t Afraid of the Winter

DSC08921On Wednesday when we told you about that Miss Softee contest we briefly mentioned that ice cream trucks are starting to pack it in for the season (the unofficial end date is 10/31).  But Kelvin Slush (our new favorite truck since the Vendy Awards) says they’re not so sure what they’re going to do.  From one of the owners: “We have a full year license, [so] our plan is to simply stay open as long as it makes sense.  If people are still buying, we will get a space heater for the truck and stay open all winter.  If no one is buying and we’re wasting our time every day then we’ll close down and re-open in the spring (or maybe pick and choose really sunny days and/or special events to open for).”  He added “7-11 says that Winnipeg, Manitoba … which is freezing in the winter … is the Slurpee capital of the world and they sell more Slurpees in Michigan in the winter than Florida in the summer.”  Would you drink one of these things in the winter?  We’re leaning towards yes (especially if you could throw some moonshine in there.)


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