At Lunch Now: Bill’s Bar & Burger is Full But Not Insane

If there was any doubt that the new Bill’s Bar & Burger (on 51st btw. 6+7th) would have any trouble filling up their new mammoth Rock Center location, you can put those questions to rest. (Of course the rain probably doesn’t hurt.) There’s a wait for tables but it’s not too bad (aka it’s crowded but not insane.) Customers all seem to be in a pretty good mood. I was able to walk right in and grab a seat at the bar (it was the only one available.) Food came about 12 minutes after I ordered it. Not bad at all for a first day…


  • Hm… I came in at 12:40, and there was a 45 min wait for a table for 2. And they aren’t doing take-out until mid-Oct.

    Went further down the street to Primeburger, which used to have decent burgers. Seasoned curly fries were good, if only for the nostalgia, but the burger was less than satisfactory – dry, underseasoned, and smelled funny.

  • That’s really surprising. There were some empty two tops when I left a little after 1. Maybe they are not using all the tables.

    The downstairs is filled with more seating but they don’t anticipate opening that up until next week.

  • I was able to get in, eat lunch there and get back to my office all under an hour. Got there at 12:00pm on the dot. Entered through the lower lever concourse level as I didn’t want to go out in the rain. I will start by saying the place is massive. The downstairs portion alone was big and then we were directed to the main level and that was even bigger. We had a party of three and got seated right away. The place was crowded but not a mad house. I think we beat the rush because by the time we were done with our meal it was pretty crowded.
    Anyways, onto the goods.
    I got their Classic burger with Swiss Chees and onions. Classic is $6.50 and that’s just for the 5 oz burger, lettuce and tomato. Cheese is an extra $0.50 and so are onions. French fries are and extra $3.50. I’m up to $11 for a cheese burger and fries….oh well!
    The burger however was excellent! Turns out their butcher is Pat Lafrieda who blends burgers for many NY restaurants. The fries we nothing special but the homemade ketchup they served with the fries was pretty special. The ketchup had a little kick to it…I think they threw a little horseradish sauce in there. We also ordered an order of their beer battered onion rings to share. Don’t bother…too greasy and not tasty.
    Overall – a great tasty burger and a decent wait. Nice restaurant and a very polite wait staff. A little pricey for a burger and fries but if you see the size of the place then you will know that they have alot of rent to pay. Not sure how they are going to be able to sustain the rent on just serving burgers but then again Christmas Season in Rock Plaza is coming and the tourists will take care of that!


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