No Matter What Location, XPL Never Disappoints

Midtown Lunch has never been entirely sure if all the Express Power Lunch (XPL) trucks are owned by the same guys, but what we do know is that they’ve been a potent force in the Midtown street meat pantheon.  Not only are they a two time winner for Best Tasting Rice in Street Meat Palooza, but XPL is continually praised for their distinct Indian spices. Everyone knows about the location on the SW Corner of 48th & Park and the truck on 48th & 3rd that serves up the loving with a bean-y spoonful of chickpeas. I thought it was about time I investigated the truck on the corner of 33rd and 6th Ave. Is it the same? I meant to find out.

Meat porn after the jump!

I ordered the mandatory chicken and lamb over rice with white sauce and extra hot sauce. It was a big steaming portion and fragrant with your typical mix of Halal spices like cumin, saffron, turmeric and curry (as far as I can taste, I’m no expert).

I always yearn to have the lamb cooked till crispy on the spit, but with the heavy lunch traffic and food turn around that just never happens.

Using dark meat chicken is always the way to go when it comes to a moist and flavorful chicken plate. XPL’s meat satisfies. But what about the famous Basmati rice?

Not bland or mushy, the long grains share top billing with the meat. Mixed in are translucent skillet onions and wilted, sleepy green bell peppers that become a tasty vehicle for the dark red pepper sauce and white sauce. The iceberg lettuce and beefsteak tomato are only there for show and maybe to make you think you are getting some semblance of vegetables, but whatever- just muddle it up with the rest to add some crunch. Is it like the other XPLs? Pretty much, and that’s a good thing: Consistency and deliciousness every time.

Express Power Lunch (XPL) Halal Food, 33rd and 6th Ave


  • I pass this beyotch every day on my way back to the PATH…sometimes I walk past it to go to Jim Hanley’s…perhaps I will stop soon.

    Also, Mama said meat porn. LOLZ.

  • I went there a couple of months ago, and it was pretty good. The guy told me they were not related to the other XPL trucks.

  • Nice write-up Mama! I’ve eaten from here once or twice but didn’t realize there were others.

  • That meat porn came with a copious quantity of white sauce … no mayo i guess as there was no mention of gagging

  • I love XPL and eat there every week…but it always gives me a headache in the afternoon as well as zapped taste buds…dunno if it’s all the salt and grease, the spices, or what, but I still can’t resist.

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    The guy at 48th and 3rd told me one time that he used to be partners with another guy who owns all of the other locations, but he split from him because he was constantly trying to tinker with the food and sauces.

  • XPL is one of the best around!!
    I really liked the one on 52nd.

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