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My usual Wednesday lunch time ritual of stopping by the Dag Hammarskjold market (on 47th+2nd) was interrupted there for a few weeks partly due to the fact that I wasn’t cooking at home too often. Evidently I was missing out not only on seeing the first incoming pumpkins (summer is officially done), but also on some new lunch-like offerings from the vendors.

Moroccan M'smen

One of the new vendors, Hot Bread Kitchen from Brooklyn, began showing up at the market around the springtime. I never really bought anything from them since they specialize in loaves of bread, and I rarely eat a loaf of bread before it’s hard as a rock. It hurt a little because their bread looks sort of amazing. Then last week I saw that they are making a new bread that was special for Ramadan, Moroccan M’smen. If you find fresh parantha or Cosi bread addictive, I highly recommend getting your hands on this! Butter and salt makes everything better, and they are generous with both on these. I devoured mine while waiting for Brownie, but hopefully they will keep this around because my wheels are spinning on what could be done with this! Chicken Tikka Roll, anyone?!

Chicken Pot Pies!

If you’re looking for a bit more sustenance, Not Just Rugelach has begun offering chicken pot pie from a cooler for $5 or $10. Not being a savory pie eater, I will leave this for someone else to decide on its deliciousness. I’m sure it’s most likely awesome warmed up in your office microwave, since most things from Not Just Rugelach are pretty great.

Reminder: today is the last market before the annual cancellation caused by the UN General Assembly.

The Weather is Perfect For the Dag Hammarskjold Farmers Market


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