Murphy’s Pub Has a $10 Burger & Beer Lunch Special

As your eagle eyed happy hour reporter, I’m always on the lookout for boozy lunch specials. After all, times are tough and your boss isn’t looking, right? Murphy’s Pub on 977 2nd Ave (btw. 51/52nd) has a burger, wrap or sandwich with a pint of Bud or Yuengling for the ML price range of $10. Can’t wait to check it out! Anyone tried this deal yet? Let us know in the comments!


  • I like Murphy’s a lot, great bartenders and regular buybacks – a lost art in this town. The burger is your standard pub burger and will do in a pinch, especially at this price with a pint. My one complaint with the burger is the roll- it’s a kaiser roll too big for the patty – there are a couple of bites where all you get is roll and it becomes obvious that it’s not the freshest. Turkey club is solid, though.

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    Someone needs to write a guide to drink buybacks.

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    Adam I really enjoyed how you are one of the most recent comments there too!!!.. Love the world wide web domination!

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