RIP Rudy McBagel

On a very somber note, ML has some sad news to report… the commenter we all knew as Rudy McBagel passed away suddenly after a massive stroke on August 26th. Many of you knew him from his frequent humorous postings, quick wit and undeniably British manner. Rudy was one of the first Midtown Lunch readers, and his jokes set the tone of the comments from the very beginning. He will be sorely missed.


  • Oh, Rudy, I was missing you already! I wondered where he was…. Hopefully he’s somewhere being fed black pudding by 72 Liv Tylers… I poor one out to you, my surly, funny friend.

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    I know this will offend but when people exist online only (and claim to have multi-million dollar “flats” in London) they may very well be, in some way or another, fake. “Crystal” deserves our condolences for sure, but perhaps ole RMcB realized his unmatched cruelty and shallow insults were no longer being taken for British “wit” and had actually grown tired around here. In any case, now that I have endeared myself, I can go tow the line in some other threads I’ve lurked on..

    • Would you rather believe a lie (that, in this case, doesn’t really hurt anyone) or not accept the truth about something tragic happening?

      Honestly, your attitude is just inappropriate.

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  • Such sad news. If you’re reading this, Crystal, my heart goes out to you. Mr. McBagel, you are already missed. Rest in peace.

  • RIP Rudy. My condolences to your family and friends. May everyone have a midtown lunch in his honor this week.


  • really really sad news

  • Very sad news. If, for nothing else, maybe we can think just for a moment about moderating the amount of saturated fat and salt we’re all eating. A guy that young shouldn’t be dying of a massive stroke. Let’s all try to stick around.

  • Ooof. Terrible news. So sad to hear. Let’s all keep calling people tossers and twits in his memory. I will definitely eat a commemorative full English this weekend in solidarity.

    We’ll miss you, Rude!

  • Whoa, I was thinking/hoping this was a joke at first. Condolences to Crystal and his family and friends. Rudy, thanks for the wit and insights. I’m sure you’ll be eating well at the great pub in the sky.

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    Very sorry to hear about Rudy’s passing. Condolences to his family.

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    Rudy is what led me to this site. I don’t remember what the google search was but it brought up a particularly snarky comment playfully jabbing a vegetarian on the error of her ways. It was witty and funny as he usually was but somehow oddly endearing. His freewhelling posting illustrated the lose hand Zach ran the site under, to his credit. I thank Rudy for drawing me here during it’s heyday, Zach for letting me find Rudy and the crazy cast of characters (and many, many good, and some not so good, meals) and Mama for giving me the heads up on this sad evemt. He will be missed.

    Rudy, save me some butter for when I get down there (I’m sure you can persuade some ice queen to sit on it to keep it from melting). Godspeed.

    • Bossman, with Rudy gone, you’ve been nominated for initiation into the inner circle. Meet me at midnight at the 53rd St. halal cart.

      Don’t forget to wear the assless chaps.

  • jesus, mary and the gay guy……

  • Whoa. That sucks. McBagel will be missed. My condolences to the family.

    Nobody else better pass away the next time I’m on a long vacation.

  • wow, totally missed this being away! So sad!

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