Gust Organics Cart Brings Solar Powered Argentinian Food to 53rd Street

Lunch’er “Peter” checked in yesterday to let us know about a brand new cart parked on 53rd btw. Park+Madison…

“Saw (and tried) this new cart today. Pretty tasty (I got the Tapito Box – chicken) and an empanada. Not sure of the name, but the guy said it is Argentinian food.”

According to Crain’s the cart is actually an offshoot of Gust Organics, a restaurant on E. 14th Street. And, not only is all the food organic but apparently the refrigeration is powered by a solar panel. How sustainable!

Check out a close up of the menu, after the jump.

[Crain's link via Grub Street]


  • Vegan food on the street? Weird.

    The hummus and chips doesn’t seem like a bad deal, unless it’s really small or something.

    However the fact that are selling NYC tap water (It’s on the menu) is hilarious.

  • Sustainable?

    Unless that cart is towed into place every morning by a bull hopped up on alfajores, not bloody likely

  • i’m one of those freaks that actually enjoys quinoa. I’d definitely check it out if I didn’t work so far away.

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    I posted a link to their website in the forum on Friday if you want to read more about what they have to say about themselves.

  • Brought some co-workers with me to try it today. I might not live this one down. We all had the Chicken Tapito Box and an order of chips and hummus to share.
    The chicken was actually pretty tasty, but for $10, it was waaay to small.
    I was imagining the chips and hummus to include pita type chips, instead i was given a bag of what appear to be crushed tostitos. Try dipping a finger nail size chip into hummus.
    Lastly, the cart didn’t have change, so I actually paid $4 for my $3.75 tostitos and hummus
    Maybe for $6, it would be a tasty healthy option, but now we all have to go grab a Gyro for dessert.

  • I share the same sentiment as Bryan. Gave this cart a try today, and lets just, probably should have waited a week. I ordered around 1pm, and soon learned that I got the last Tapito. They had already run out of chicken, so i got beef. First, the beef was tender and flavorful. i enjoyed it. BUT- I had no quinoa nor greens (in which the beef was supposed to be on a “bed of”). so i basically had a box of greasy beef, which i ended up paying $10 for, he knocked off a dollar for my wait.

    here’s the other thing tho, as i was observing and waiting. he’s the only guy in the cart, meaning he’s handling the money and cooking. though he was changing gloves frequently, i did see him handle money and food with the same pair (this may not bother some people). MOREOVER, he reached into the cooler, grabbed a handful of beef and threw it on the grill. He then went to help the next lady, who ordered empenadas, and grabbed them with the same glove. thats RAW BEEF to an already cooked empenada. Not cool in my book.

    Again, the beef was well seasoned and was tender, but not sure that makes up for everything else. and at $10 (should have been $11), TOTALLY not worth it. thought about grabbing me a nice platter of 6th & 53rd’s chicken and rice on the way back.

  • I went last week. I order the steak tapito. They gave me the box which I didn’t order. The guy didn’t charge me the extra $2 for a box. The beef was tasty, but I was still hungry. I think I’ll head to Try-Tip if I want steak.

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