Financier Patisserie Coming Soon to 59th

Lunch’er “Hightemp” checked in this morning to let us know that Financier Patisserie will soon be opening a small shop on 59th Street and 3rd Ave. “Its a somewhat isolated/non-obvious location (it used to be a tassel store) [but] between Macaron Cafe at 59 & Madison, Sprinkles Cupcakes opening (in February) at 60th and Lex and now Financier we’ve got a little dessert/pastry renaissance happening up here.” This will be the fourth Financier to open in Midtown in the past two years. (There’s one in Grand Central, one on 48th underneath the FoxNews Building, one on 1st Ave. and 54th, and now this one.)


  • Great, do they sell sandwiches during lunch?

    As for their dessert, they are just ok to me..
    btw, i tried the macaron cafe’s macarons and i thought they were way too sweet…maybe i should give them another try but didn’t like it too much.
    I can’t wait until next week to go to Monaco and have Laduree’s macarons…yumm…that alone is worth the trip. hehe

    • I always liked them, but Robyn Lee over at Serious Eats (who is my go-to macaron expert was never a huge fan.) So you’re in good company…

    • i used to get their sammies downtown once in a while. while they’re not very filling, if you’re looking for something light & relatively healthy, it’s a good option. they give a little side of cornichons with their sandwiches, which always pleased me. :)

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