Blue 9 Burger Comes to Midtown West!?

Back when Five Guys first opened on 55th, we said it was the closest thing NYC had to In N Out Burger.  Not so, said fans of Blue 9 Burger, a straight up homage to the west coast chain located in the East Village. EV is too far for lunch, but according to Life With Food and Drink a Blue 9 Burger just opened on 9th Ave. btw. 52+53rd (taking over the space that used to be occupied by Philly Slim’s).  It’s just out of bounds, but I’m sure fans of the original location will be willing to go the extra Avenue…


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    What fans, exactly?

    I tried the east village blue9 burger twice over the past year or two and didn’t like it at all.

    The burger was greasy and sloppy, which isn’t necessarily bad, but the patty itself was grey, like it had been steamed rather than properly griddle-cooked until crusty, and without much flavor. Not only is blue9 not a notable burger, but I actively avoid it.

    There are tons of better choices in the city, from the plain mcdonald’s cheeseburger all the way up to independent joints like bill’s, veselka, burger creations, and mini-chains like the NY burger company and shake shack.

    • I totally agree with you… but a lot of people like it. And it still gets brought up every time In N Out is discussed in NYC (even though I don’t think it holds a candle to In N Out)

  • you lost me at “from the plain mcdonald’s cheeseburger”

    You know those arrive at the stores precooked, right?

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    I’d agree that the Blue 9 burger is nothing exemplary — it’s not a good value to pay twice In-N-Out’s prices for an In-N-Out-style burger, especially not now that Five Guys, Shake Shack, etc. are flourishing throughout NYC — but there’s something in their mango chili fry sauce that’s downright addictive.

  • Pretty much around the corner from Lucky Burger as well.

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