Chiyoda Sushi Closes to Make Way For Mai Cuisine

Thanks to everyone who tipped us off to this one (including this post in the forums.)  Chiyoda Sushi, the upscale portion of the Japanese holy trinity on 41st btw. Mad+5th (along with Cafe Zaiya & Yagura), has closed.  As of Friday there were some serious renovations going on, and a letter posted on the door said that the restaurant will reopen as Mai Cuisine on September 2nd, “providing all-natural sushi and Japanese cuisine, with the highest quality ingredients.” Uh… sounds a lot like Chiyoda if you ask us!

Find out what’s not on the sign after the jump.

I spoke to someone working inside the restaurant who told me that the food will basically be exactly the same (with some new items), and that people who bring in Chiyoda receipts will get a 10% discount.  Plus there will be an official “Grand Opening” on September 13th (with t-shirts!).

From the looks of the extensive renovations, we’re guessing it’s going to look very different… but besides that, it sounds like not much else will change. Either way, I’m pretty excited to check out the new spot when it opens.

You can check out some PR’ish photos of their food, an idiot’s a beginner’s guide to sushi, plus a look at their very hip looking “customized bento” menu, on their facebook page.

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