See Midtown Street Vendors (And Zach!) on the Cooking Channel This Weekend

We’re finding it difficult to keep track of all the craaaaazy food truck shows hitting the TV these days, but if you’re going to watch one it should be Food Truck Revolution, this Sunday night on the Cooking Channel at 10pm EST. And we’re not just saying that because Zach will be on it talking about Midtown street food. (Uh, ok… actually, that’s exactly why we’re saying it.)


  • Saturday? DirecTV says Sunday.

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    Zach, good job. You seemed comfortable on camera.

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    Saw you on this show last night Zach. Way to go, you must have been very involved in the production of this program to get the prime opening spot.

    I found it ironic that the two NYC trucks that got profiled most in the show were the Rickshaw Dumpling truck and Frites N Meats.

  • That “First Friday” thing in LA is off the hook. Think we can something like that here? Not sure where though…

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