Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse Now Serving “10 Buck Burger”

High end restaurants offering lunch specials that dip into Midtown Lunch range is a common ploy to increase midday business. For me, the appeal of these deals (and what makes them worth technically going over $10 with tax and tip) is that you get something special, something you can’t normally get for that amount. Del Frisco’s legendary, and now defunct, steak tips deal is perhaps the best example. Recently, we got tipped off to a $10 burger at the decidedly un-Midtown Lunch-ish Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, so I headed over to the (slightly out of bounds) 9th Ave. location btw. 34+35 (the other location is on 56th btw. 5+6th, right near Beacon- who have a $10 burger of their own available from their new “Side Door”).

See if Uncle Jack’s is a worthwhile contributor to this phenomenon after the jump.

One problem with the Uncle Jack’s deal is that you’re not really getting something all that “special.” You’re getting a burger from an expensive steakhouse (already a somewhat dubious proposition) but it’s essentially a Jr. version of their real burger, because you get a 5 oz. patty instead of 10. Guess how much their regular cheeseburger is? It’s $20. Half the meat, half the price. So, technically, it’s not much of a “deal.”

The burger itself was ok. It comes with swiss cheese and mushrooms (nice!) but I was a little surprised to discover it also comes with lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles- but whatever.  You can always take whatever you don’t want off.  The fries that come with the burger were nothing special, and not particularly crispy or fresh, but I enjoyed them.

I ordered the burger medium and was hoping for at least a little bit of pink in the center. Alas, there was none to be found. It was still a pretty flavorful burger but nothing I’d tell people to rush out for. The most disappointing thing though was the bun. It seemed cheap and on its way to being stale. Despite being a Jr. version of their real burger, it was a decent size for lunch. All in all, it wasn’t a bad lunch, but I was hoping for something a bit more memorable from lunch at a fancy steakhouse.

As for my experience at Uncle Jack’s, it’s one of these old school wood and brass places. I sat at the bar and received very friendly service from the bartender. He was a real pro, carrying on conversations about sports and vacation destinations with patrons. Unfortunately, it was well over 20 minutes between when I ordered and when my food came out. I saw food come out to other people quicker, so this probably isn’t the norm. But it is a sit down restaurant, so be prepared to take your full hour if you’re eating here.

The service and relaxed atmosphere were were a nice change of pace, and if you’re a huge fan of the burger at Uncle Jack’s, this is great chance for you to enjoy it (albeit a smaller version) within the ML price range.  But for me the burger wasn’t good enough to make me feel like I was getting a true Midtown Lunch.

Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, 2 Midtown Locations

  • 440 9th Ave. btw. 34+35, 212-244-0005
  • 44 W 56th St. btw. 5+6, 212-245-1550


  • Thanks for the review. I always walk by this place and check out the specials on the chalkboard.

  • Fuck this. Go next door to the Judge Roy Bean (if there’s room for you). The burger is bigger and cheaper.

  • TEN BUCKS??? You’re kidding.

    And just about everything that can be wrong with a burger is demonstrably WRONG with this burger, based upon the photographic evidence at hand:

    1. — mushy, over-ground, cat-food-like meat.
    2. — incorrect assembly if using a paper-thin bottom bun.
    3. — as discussed, it is WAY overcooked to most burger aficionado’s taste.
    4. — green tomatoes are wonderful when fried, TERRIBLE when placed on a burger.
    5. — lettuce is wilted, wimpy, crappy, and unworthy of ANY burger.

    DEMAND A REFUND, please.


    • well, the fact that you with fixed income (SS disability check – mentally disabled) cant afford a ten dollar burger does not in turn mean that the readers here cannot afford a ten dollar burger. Even tho it does seem clear that the ten dollars is better spent at a different burger joint……

  • Thanks for the heads up. Saw the headline and looked forward to a new great burger within walking distance from work. I had imagined taking colleagues there… not any more. Phew, dodged a bullet.

  • I’m sorry you didn’t have a good lunch at Uncle Jacks! I LOVE their service at the bar, and their food as always been stellar when I go. Maybe a newbie chef? I would suggest trying it again, one burger shouldn’t stop you from going back!

    And PS-their martinis are killer! and their oysters are always perfect.

  • Midtown Lunch’s newest shill, ladies and gents!

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    I’ve had that ten dollar burger at both their midtown and 9th Ave. places and they were great. Cooked perfectly and on 9th Ave., the bartender told me all that comes with it (I hate pickles) beforehand so mine didn’t have any. I’m not saying it was the greatest burger I ever had by any means but it was the perfect size and for a midtown steakhouse (look at the rest of their menu) it was well priced and thus, I thought a great “deal.” The burger in the photo doesn’t look that great but the few I’ve had didn’t look like that and neither of mine took 20 minutes, probably closer to 10. I do agree with this, the bartender at 9th Ave. was very professional and entertaining. He seemed to know everyone and even though I just had a meeting in the building next door, introduced me not only to himself but the regulars around me and treated me like we were old pals. At the midtown place, the bartender was very busy but still very polite and very efficient. If I have business near either place again, I’ll surely go back. Maybe you just got a bad burger, it can happen even in good places. I’ve had two and both were excellent. The ten buck burger on the chalkboard outside drew me in and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t have an Uncle Jack’s budget for lunch while in Manhattan (it’s how I found ML.com in the first place, looking for affordable good places to eat when I’m in town on business) unless a deal like that is available. After one on 9th Ave., a few weeks later I found the midtown place while on business over there. I usually don’t post but the review was very different than the two experiences I’ve had with the same burger (in two DIFFERENT Uncle Jack’s), I felt I should say something.

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