You Can Now Breastfeed and Get Robicelli’s Cupcakes at Lily O’Brien’s

Thanks to Lunch’er Emily for passing along this info…

“I heard [via Twitter] that Robicellis was selling their cupcakes in midtown starting yesterday. Happened to be near me, so I went and got one. They’re being sold for less than $2 (I think it was $1.65?) at Lily O’Brien’s chocolate shop (on 40th btw 5+6th) right across from Bryant Park, obviously. I don’t know if you report on cupcakes, but these are my favorite in the city, so I thought I would share. (A million times better than Crumbs.) This is their Butterbeer cupcake-butterscotch through and through (or their description: butterscotch soaked cake with butterscotch buttercream & edible gold dust.)”

In related (?) news , or not, a women is suing Lily O’Briens after being kicked out of the store for breast feeding. As a result there is now a sign in the window saying that breast feeding is ‘welcome’.


  • LOL, too many funny news these days.
    I breastfed my daughter for 6 months but don’t remember breastfeeding in a small public area like cafe, restaurant, etc..Honestly, i think it’s kinda gross to see a bare breast in a food joint. I don’t think most americans are ready for this.
    Did she come inside the store to breastfeed or did she go to the store to buy something?

    • It’s already been an issue elsewhere. Unless a place has extremely strict decency laws it’s a non issue.

    • mkim – you’re a mother who breastfed yet can’t sympathize with being in a public situation and needing to breastfeed? what’s more confusing is you’re a mother who breastfed and thinks people will see boobies when it happens. unless a woman is some treehugging hippie trying to make a statement about the beauty of nature or some nonsense most nursing moms are modest about the situation, wearing nursing bras that minimize boob exposure and make it easier to perform the deed, and usually cover up with a blanket before doing anything.

      side from not having seen a breastfeeding boob in public before, I can’t see wtf is so “gross” about seeing a glimpse of a boob for a fraction of a second before/after a baby was attached. if you’re reaction was anything other than “awwwwweeel, somethings wrong.

      my wife was very conscious about her modesty when breastfeeding or kid, which had to happen in restaurants on occasion, and never once was there a boob slip.

      • She could have done it from the park across the street.
        Well, I don’t know about you but i don’t like seeing other women’s boobs when I am buying a cupcake. I am not against it, she could do whatever she wants but it’s not something I want to see. That’s just me. Let’s just hope she was very subtle and modest about it..=)

      • Way to reiterate your point without addressing what I said. I doubt you’ve seen, or would see the boobs of a woman who needed to breastfeed in public.

        The last breastfeeding I saw was this past weekend in Woodbury common in the food court. No boobs were seen, and the baby (visible just before disappearing under the blanket) was adorable (though shockingly tiny).

      • i’m having trouble trying to figure out the correct way to pronounce ‘awwwwweeeel’

      • as beautiful as it may be, it shouldnt be done in public.

      • Deanlo, I typed that out on my phone. I guess an ‘l’ came through instead of double quotes.

        Casey, sure it should if a hungry infant were involved.

  • Seriously, who’s going to whip it out to feed their kid at a cafe or in public?

    My guess is the woman must’ve been covering while feeding, then the manager had no right to complain or throw them out.

  • I was breast fed in nobu….she was 24…it was great.

  • Note to Wayne: Just because it’s ‘allowed’ does not mean you shouldn’t ask permission of the ladies first.

    • but if I ask it takes away the element of surprise

      would me save all that pain from the scratching and screaming tho

  • this place is going to be filled with engorged, exposed breats now…

  • whip’em out wednesdays are back

  • @adam, i wouldnt be at a cafe when i know my baby needs to eat.

  • The cupcakes are $3.50. NOT $1.65. Ask me how I know :-\

  • well I didn’t breastfeed there, but I did pick up 2 chocolates and a cupcake.

    I was also surprised to find out the cupcakes are $3.50 each. WOW! Same price as Magnolia, but much much smaller. Same price as 2 Little Hens, but half the size. More than twice the price of Sugar Sweet Sunshine, but smaller. $3.50 is a lot of a cupcake. I come from the school of thought that a cupcake should not be more than a buck or 2.

    That said the flavor is delicious! One major problem- the cake was stale as shit. I hate stale cupcakes. especially $3.50 stale cupcakes. Maybe go there first thing in the morning- perhaps it would be fresher. I tried the peanut butter chocolate one and am craving another, but can’t stomach another dry cupcake.

    I also tried creme brulee and a dark chocolate truffle chocolates. Nothing special. Save your money. Not worth it.

    • Wow, well I guess I got lucky on Monday. The lady working the register DEFINITELY charged me $1.65, but she seemed like a bit of a ditz. (Plus it was the first day they offered it.)

      Also, I’m a bit of a dork, and thought I’d share with you: Robicelli’s delivers on Mondays and Thursdays (I think early-mid afternoon). So I’d recommend going those days if you need a sugar fix.

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    Glad to hear you can breastfeed again at Lillies. So does that mean I can unzip my fly and hide in a corner?

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