Street Meat Pan: Building a Japanese/Chicken And Rice Frankensandwich

So what if you’re walking by the Trini Paki Cart one day (on 43rd and 6th), not knowing what to do for lunch… and you pick up a small chicken biryani. Then you happen to walk by Cafe Zaiya (on 41st btw. 5+Mad) and see some pastries… and then what if you decided, “Hey, let me put it together.” I know soba sandwiches exist in some Japanese bakeries, but what about Biryani sandwiches? After that thought popped up in my head, it was impossible to keep the beast in the cage. I had to find out if the marriage of Japanese bread + Street food with Trinidadian and Pakistani influence would be delicious.


I settled on a Cod roe roll for two bucks and change. I picked this one because bread smeared with fish eggs is something you probably wouldn’t find in a western-style bakery. That’s just something that would probably scare off decent folks in a red state. The point is, I wanted something very Japanese or at least very special to Japanese bakeries.


As you can see, the inside of the bread is kind of colored like a pale tomato. I got a small chicken biryani from the Trini Paki Cart, and it was $4, so this entire meal was less than $7. Since it’s full of carbs, it’s kind of a great deal. To construct the sandwich, simply pry open the cod roe roll, scoop in some rice, maybe a chunk of potato or chickpeas, and just fill it up until it’s packed like a bastardized Chicago style hot dog.


Once finished with the construction, you take a bite. Mmmm… a little bit fishy from the roe and a little bit spicy from the biryani. After the third bite I thought it would be appropriate to get my head checked. When that ML medical plan ever comes through in 2035, I’ll be sure to do that. Actually I think the flavors play off of each other in a very pleasant way. It was more than satisfactory, and the bites with the potato were downright delicious. This meal is not for the faint of heart, or for anyone sane. But should you decide to give it a try, you’ll either love it or hate me for giving you the idea.

Trini Paki Cart, NW Corner of 43rd and 6th

Cafe Zaiya, 18 E. 41st St. (btw. Mad+5th), 212-779-0600


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