Bulgogi & Kimchi Cart is Now Bapcha

Bapcha Front

Passing by the bustling 49th & 6th street corner today, I was somewhat shocked to see that the Bulgogi & Kimchi cart (on 49th btw. 6+7th), an old favorite of mine, had undergone a trio of changes. It’s no secret that Koreans are enamored by the idea of cosmetic surgery and fittingly this week, the Bulgogi & Kimchi cart, perhaps channeling their inner K-pop star, seriously upgraded its façade. At the same time, they’ve decided to change their name to “Bapcha”, which literally translates to “Food Cart” in Korean, and is now boldly displayed in an unmistakable medium weight Helvetica.

But the most relevant change for lunch’ers, is a $1 bump in some of the prices, as well as a small menu shuffle. Check out the new menu prices after the jump.

Bapcha main menu

The popular combos including their galbi (grilled short rib), dak galbi (spicy chicken), bibimbap, and bulgogi (sliced, sauteed beef) boxes, have all increased to $8 from the previous price of $7. The bibimbap combo and galbi combo each went to $9 from the previous $8. I spoke to the owner who confirmed that the option of doubling your meat is still $2 extra – thankfully no change there.

They’ve also introduced a gaeran mari (Korean egg wrap) combo box for $7 and removed all soup items and kimbap flavors from the menu, wisely deferring those to their Noodle Soup cart extension.

Bapcha side menu

The side menu is mostly unchanged. The only notable modifications is that a side order of galbi is now $5 instead of $4, and that a side of egg wrap can be had for $3. While I doubt that the quality of the food has changed, please let us know in the comments if you notice a difference in the food, and what you think of the new Korean egg wrap menu item.

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