Cafe Jia Coming Soon; Michelle’s Kitchen Closed Already?

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Adam

I noticed a couple of things while walking down 46th street btw. 5+6th the other day… the first is Cafe Jia, a new place opening soon right next to Nino’s. Sadly it looks like another generic deli, but it does say tex-mex bar, a teppanyaki (think hibachi) bar and a gourmet coffee bar (I’ll believe that when I see it). You never know, this place could be good. (We’re not keeping our hopes up.) Regardless, it’s supposed to be open 24 hours, so they’ve got that going for them.

Remember Michelle’s on the same block?

Back in February Dave Cook told us about Michelle’s Restaurant, the UES catering transplant that had opened on 46th. Well, it’s already “closed for renovations” and from what I could see inside, they’re pretty serious renovations. (Like, we wonder if they’re ever coming back rennovations.)  We never got around to trying Michelle’s, and from the looks of it we’re guessing nobody else did either. For some reason the renovations are now making me curious. I might have to check it out whenever they reopen.

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