Bon Chon Opening This Afternoon (Or Not)

Big surprise! The opening of the new Bon Chon (on 5th btw. 32+33rd) has been held up (isn’t it always?) and they are now saying tomorrow is the big day they’ll be open this afternoon.  Apparently there was a problem with a fryer, which has been resolved. (Although we’ll believe it when we see it with our own eyes.) Kyochon sends a big hearty “thank you” for the extra business… UPDATE: As of 3pm, it’s still not open.  Go after work at your own risk, we’re going to wait until tomorrow to try again.

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    Practically no one was there at about 12:15! I got my food in only about 10 minutes. There were a few hiccups (they had some initial problems swiping my credit card, and one woman was complaining that she didn’t get her food for 30 minutes), but it seems like these guys studied what Kyochon did wrong and avoided exactly that. I told the guy who looked like a manager this as well.

    And I’m very pleased to report that I actually got *full size* drumsticks, not the tiny drummettes that Kyochon offers for essentially the same price. This is such a better value based on the amount of chicken alone that unless Kyochon halves or recently halved their prices, I don’t know how they can possibly compete.

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